Multi-processor on Windows PC

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Multi-processor on Windows PC

Postby blake.arpansa » February 18th, 2013, 9:55 pm

Is there a development (or working) version of the multi-processor option for Windows PC? My workplace does not support the use of UNIX :(
I have a Xenon CPU with 8 cores, so it would be good to try and use them all to speed up some big simulations.

Alternatively, if it is not possble in Windows, is it possible to have multiple installs of Hy-split on the same windows PC? At least that way it could use a few cores at the same time for different simulations?
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Re: Multi-processor on Windows PC

Postby roland.draxler » February 20th, 2013, 2:18 pm

The HYSPLIT multi-processor environment is through MPI, which we have not tried to install on a PC. To run multiple simultaneous versions on a PC, you don't need to install multiple copies of HYSPLIT, just create multiple /working directories for each simulation. They will not interfere with each other and the OS will automatically assign each run to its own core. If you want to do multiple simulations in the same directory, then you would create a control file with a .suffix in the name, then invoke the hysplit with the suffix on the command line, for instance "hyts_std suffix", the model will read CONTROL.suffix and write MESSAGE.suffix. Make sure you have unique output names in each control file. An example of this process can be found in the /testing directory in xrun.bat
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