Merge and Display Concentration Files

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Merge and Display Concentration Files

Postby jwestbrook » August 25th, 2013, 4:39 pm

I created a series of concentration maps (each could be appropriately viewed via Concentration/Display) using the Daily module in Concentration/Special Runs. Subsequently, I executed Concentration/Utilities/Merge Binary Files to create an INFILE, which included the Daily series of each concentration map file name. However, the merged file CONCADD.BIN was not displayed, and was only 1 KB in size. Can the CDUMP and CONCADD.BIN graphic files be directly imported to MS Word or other word processing files, or must the file format(s) be converted? Can concentration samples at fixed locations be extracted from 'snapshot' one-day or merged (multi-day) concentration maps using the Concentration/Utilities/Grid to Station or an alternate technique?
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Re: Merge and Display Concentration Files

Postby saifdavid » September 14th, 2013, 2:21 am

Its not possible to merge multiple video files into one video without converting them ... There are so many software in market which generally merge multiple video files into one ... But the output format will be same ... That's mean if you take three video file of different format ... The output format will one & as per your choice ... So, to merge multiple video files, the converting is must.


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Re: Merge and Display Concentration Files

Postby barbara.stunder » September 16th, 2013, 1:35 pm

The merge was not successful if its size was 1 KB. Try running the merge program manually, instead of through the GUI, to see if there is an error message. Open the Command Prompt window (Start, All Programs, Accessories), cd \hysplit4\working, and run ..\exec\conmerge. This assumes the file INFILE is in \hysplit4\working and that it has the correct listing of filenames. It is a text file so can be opened in Notepad.

Word cannot read CDUMP and CONCADD.BIN files.

If you want a graphical display of all the series of individual maps, you could create a Google Earth format for each one, and display them all at once as a work-around for the merge not working.

The Grid to Station converts a single cdump file to a text file giving concentration(s) at station(s). Given this output from each individual cdump file, you can 'merge' the data on your own. This could be run on concadd.bin if successful from above.
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